7 must have items for your brand shoot

Ideas to help you prepare and show off your brand at it’s best

Ishbels wardrobe brand photoshoot for new website wiltshire stylist head shot Reshma Field

Booking a photo shoot for your business is so exciting, you get to put on your best outfits and really show off all your brand has to offer. 

During your planning calls, we will run through what you need to bring, but in the meantime, here are my 7 absolute essentials you don’t want to forget on your next brand photoshoot:

1. Wardrobe – Plan outfits that reflect your brand. From blazers to casual chic, let your style reflect who you are.

2. Tech – Bring your phone and laptop for behind-the-scenes as well as in-scene moments. Make sure they are fully charged and that screens are clean and free from cracks.

3. Hair and make-up – Stay camera-ready with a mini touch-up kit. A quick refresh ensures you’re always feeling your best. If you want to use a hair and make-up artist, I have people I can recommend.

4. Props with personality – Whether it’s your favourite coffee mug, your go-to hat, or your trademark shoes, props add that personal touch and tell your unique story.

5. Snacks!!! Pack some food to keep you energised throughout the shoot, cereal bars are my go to! Bring some water too.

6. Tools of your trade – Bring examples of the products you sell or items that show what service you provide – they are the perfect way to convey very quickly what it is you do.

And last but not least…

7. Camera ready attitude! Bring energy and positivity – It’s your brand’s time to shine ✨


Next steps – Book a call with me and we can run through all of this and start getting you fully prepared for your shoot – book a call >