Terms and Conditions

Prior to commencing any project, terms will be provided by Brand Photography by Elizabeth for the client to agree to.

Terms will outline the following: scope, deposit, fee, payment schedule, timings and delivery.

Scope of Work

Scope of work will be outlined before a project takes place covering timings, locations, etc, as required.


On certain projects a deposit will be requested. If the client cancels for any reason, the deposit will not be returned.

The balance payment must be paid no later than 7 days from the day of the shoot. If the client purchases additional photos after the shoot, payment is due at the time of delivery.


Where it is agreed that an invoice will be provided at the time of the shoot, delivery of the marketing service or creative work, full payment will be made within 7 days of the invoice being supplied.

Work Product

The photographer will deliver photos no more than ten working days after the shoot.

Photos will be delivered to the client as digital files via secure weblink.

All photos delivered for the client’s use only. The client may supply the photos to promoters, PR companies or journalists for use in promoting the client. Photos may not be sold to third parties.

Photography indemnification

The photographer and client agree that the photographer is under no obligation to capture any specific moment or pose or person(s) or cater to specific client aesthetic preferences.

If the photographer is unable to perform the services in this contract due to any cause outside its control, client agrees to indemnify photographer for any loss damage or liability.

The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the photographer for any liability, damage, or loss related to technological failure, including data loss.

The client understands and agrees that the photographer is not required to maintain copies of the photos from this shoot 60 (sixty) days after the photos have been delivered.

The client agrees to hold the photographer harmless for any personal injury which may occur as the client poses or works with the photographer.

Duty of Client

The client will obtain permissions necessary for the photographer to photograph at the shoot.

Model Release

The client grants permission to the photographer to use the client’s photographs in all forms of media for commercial purposes, advertising, trade, personal use, or any other uses. The photographer may use the photographs on the their website, social media or other advertising. The photographer may also tag and link to the client’s social media pages.