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How to prepare your shoot wardrobe.
plan your wardrobe for your brand photo shoot clothes laid out top trainers and jeans camera

I can not recommend enough that you plan outfit changes for your photoshoot.

Outfit changes are a great way to get more from your photographs. Firstly you will look more considered and professional having thought it out before, but secondly you can also create the illusion that your photographs were taken on more than one day. So if you don’t wear a uniform for your job, or your shot list will show you doing a variety of activities, make sure you have the clothes to match.


Here are my 6 top tips for planning your photoshoot wardrobe

1. Carefully select your clothes, think about your business and what you do, do they reflect how you work? Don’t choose items you wouldn’t normally wear as this can confuse your brand. Also look at your shot list, what photographs have you planned with your photographer, make sure you include suitable outfits for each activity/shot type.

2. Think about colours and select hues that work well together. You could choose colours from your logo, or create a simple pallet that works well together. Think about how these colours work and select a number of neutral items to finish your look. Lay all your items out together, you will quickly be able to see something that doesn’t sit so well with everything else.

3. Consider your accessories and also layering for easy changes on the day and refreshing a look. Think about props too like sunglasses, bags, notebooks, pens, laptops, drinks bottles, tools of your trade, what items do you use on a daily basis? Make sure the colours and style of these all reflect your brand.

4. Try each outfit on to check each outfit looks as you imagine and tweak as necessary.

5. Take photos of each outfit with specific props and accessories. These reference images will be very useful on the day of your shoot.

6. Iron everything!

If you don’t feel confident making these decisions, just ask for help.

I can advise you, we can take a look a the options and create entire looks that will work well. I also know a few incredible wardrobe specialists, so if you feel you need a revamp beforehand, I can point you in the right direction.

Preparing your clothes with variety and seasonality in mind will make such a difference to your photoshoot results. Not only will you look more prepared and organised, but you will also be able to use your images for a longer amount of time.

For more help and advice on this topic, just give me a call or email me: 


black dress and white trainers with camera laid out for photo shoot wardrobe plan
outdoor look for brand photo shoot with coat, boots, jeans and camera
Carefully select items for photo shoot, planning colours and themes to represent brand